Emergency Concepts

Accidents, serious illness or other strokes of fate within the management of a company are quickly resulting in critical situations.
With an emergency concept in place, the company has the means to master the situtation professionally.


Keeping control in an emergency situation

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An emergency concept

  • ensures that ongoing activities are on a secure basis
  • ensures that customers are not moving to the competitors
  • ensures internal continuity
  • secures the relationship to important business partners
  • prevents key staff leaving the company
  • sets the basis for the long-term existence of the company

The 3 steps to your emergency concept

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Step 1

Assessing the current status of a company (internal organisation, procedures, activity, business relationships, customers, competitors, liabilities, current precaution of personal and company nature, etc.)

Step 2

Analyse the current status and show measures to be taken to manage an emergency situation
Checklist for an emergency situation

Step 3

Provide support or active contribution in implementing appropriate measures

Your tailor-made package

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BASIC package - CHF 3.500 to 4.500

  • Assessing the current status, analysis, presenting measures
  • Provide support for implementing measures
  • Checklist for an emergency situation

STANDARD package - CHF 6.500 to 8.500

  • Services as per the BASIC package
  • Active contribution in implementing appropriate measures in collaboration with the company
  • create documents required for third persons acting on behalf of the owner(s) of the company
  • Involve third persons (if required) for managing situations of emergency
  • Analysis of existing insurance protection
  • Detailed report

PREMIUM package - Price as per individual offer

  • Services as per the BASIC and STANDARD package
  • Audit key processes
  • Further analysis as required